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Unchained, Pure Blood Book Two

Unchained, Pure Blood Book Two

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This is 6x9 soft cover print edition.

UNCHAINED, Pure Blood Book 2 of 2
Series complete

Why Choose Spicy Romance 
Dystopian Setting
Found Family
Past Trauma

The cost to avenge her sister’s death was high and more than Elyanna and her men had bargained for. With the support from the community which had become their chosen family, they persevered through their grief and created a new home.
However, peace was short-lived for Elyanna and her family as betrayal lurked closer than they could ever imagine. They learn a devastating truth as an even bigger enemy threatens their idyllic way of life. Refusing to standby while her home is being attacked, Elyanna risks everything to confront the enemy. She finds the courage to dig deep within herself to save a friend, topple a new evil, and protect the fragile threads of love that bind her to the men who’d sacrificed their lives for her. Ultimate freedom for all is close, but can she prevail against overwhelming odds?
Join Elyanna and her men on this epic journey of love, loss, and triumph in this final installment of the Pure Blood saga.

Unchained, is a Why Choose MFMM romance with explicit content suitable for mature readers only. There are multiple love interests, profanity, and violence.
Please consider these potential trigger warnings before moving forward.
Mild Bondage scenes
Mild knife play
Dubious consent

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-962047-15-9

ISBN Ebook: 978-1-962047-14-2 / PB2EUCD

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Customer Reviews

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H. Gwynne
Good Read!

Elyanna’s journey profoundly resonated with me. The narrative masterfully balances emotional intensity, love, and betrayal, all depicted with raw authenticity. Her strength and the intricate relationships are compellingly portrayed. This is a sophisticated and unforgettable read, ideal for those who appreciate deep, heartfelt storytelling. Goodread!!