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Thank you for visiting my website! Here's a little info about me and my writing style...

I’m a workaholic. I have a full-time job, a part-time business, in the beauty industry and I'm a when-I-have-free-time writer. My dream is to quit my full-time job and make a living doing what I love most…writing.

I love writing romance and am exploring different tropes. My reading preferences vary and so does my writing. I’m not the type of author who publishes dozens of books about vampires. I need a little . . . or a lot of variety.

My preference is Why Choose, Romantasy and Paranormal. I've added Dark Romance and Suspense to my repertoire and will soon publish my first retelling.

All of my FMCs are strong and independent women I admire or aspire to be like. Of course, they have flaws which I hope will make them endearing and intrigue the reader to continue reading their stories. And we can't forget about the men, right? My MMC's are all hot AF, and swoon-worthy. You may find a grumpy sunshine, alpha-hole in my books too. 

My intention with my writing is to deliver a solid plot however, spice is a must. You can’t have a romance story without a little steam. I do my best to balance the two. The spice level is a matter of personal preference. Sometimes I write things that make me blush while others think it’s PG-rated. You be the judge. 

I do love connecting with my readers. I’m not on FB much but I respond quickly to emails and on IG. And I love sending book mail. Write a positive review and I just might send you free stuff. :)

Happy reading!

Your book friend forever,


Email: hello@genaviecastle.com

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