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Fae Bonds, The Kenzie Chronicles Book Three

Fae Bonds, The Kenzie Chronicles Book Three

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 The is an Ebook edition only. Print version coming soon.

Fae Bonds, The Kenzie Chronicles Book 3 of 4
Series complete

Why Choose
Spicy Paranormal Romance
Fated Mates

After a showdown with the Rogue, the sinister mage abducts Kenzie and takes her to The Dark Realm, separating her from her mates. Lost and barely alive, Kenzie journeys through the foreign landscape seeking a way to return to the human realm, all while battling demons at every turn. At home, her mates do everything possible to rescue Kenzie in The Dark Realm and bring her back, but every option presents more challenges and risks. Can Kenzie get herself out alive? Will her mates find a way to save her? Or is Kenzie destined to live in The Dark Realm forever? Join Kenzie on this fantastical journey in an unknown world full of magic, fatal obstacles, and intrigue.

Content/Trigger Warning:
This is a spicy why-choose romance novel with explicit content recommended for 18+ audiences.

ISBN: 978-1-962047-04-3 Print
ISBN: 978-1-962047-08-1 Ebook
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Customer Reviews

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Sissie K

A really well written series; extremely enjoyable and interesting. I loved the characters and the dialogue, suspense and intrigue. Brava!