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Banished, An Elemental Kingdom Novel

Banished, An Elemental Kingdom Novel

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 This is a 6x9 Softcover Paperback edition.

Why Choose Steamy Romance
Alpha Males
Family Dynamics
Relatable FMC

Banished by the royal family as a young girl, Zara has adapted to life amongst humans. When her father, the former king, falls ill and demands she return to the Elemental Kingdom to save it from its current wicked, destructive rulers, she refuses. After being exiled, who can blame her? But can she turn her back on the people that need her?

Meanwhile, a tragedy makes it apparent that the kingdom’s fate rests in her hands. Forced to work with five powerful elemental men, she doesn’t trust, Zara embarks on a quest to restore peace to the place she had once called home. Along the way, she must face her fears and confront her inner darkness to save her people. Will they be able to conquer the evil King and Queen from destroying the kingdom?

Banished, An Elemental Kingdom Novel is full of magic, romance and adventure. Readers will be captivated by the characters, their struggles, and the breathtaking world they inhabit.

This is a steamy why choose romance with explicit content suitable for mature readers only. There are multiple love interests, profanity, and violence.

ISBN: 978-1-962047-05-0 Print

ISBN: 978-1-962047-09-8 eBook / ZAR01EBND

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Author A E Gray
Excellent story and character arc

This is flirty, fun fiction at its finest. It’s fast-paced, engaging, and with a bit of whimsy. This well-written page-turner is a must-read for any reader seeking to escape reality. It’s full of unexpected twists with well-developed characters and a satisfying ending.

Book Serpent
Very Mature Coming of Age

The male characters and their relationship to Zara was interesting enough to keep me reading, and I was intrigued by the initial conflict between her father's death and desire to overcome the kingdom's noble elite, and how that develops later on. I'm not a fan of non-monogamous relationships personally, but the author did a good enough job of making it tolerable.